When you're tired of signing up for events that you know you can finish. When you decide that you're no longer comfortable being comfortable, register for our events. We'll guarantee that you'll experience growth.


You've Felt Our Influence, Even If You Don't Know Who We Are.


Innovation in event design. Since 2015, we've been quietly changing the landscape of short duration endurance events, providing quality experiences that go beyond the limits of creativity, and creating purpose and reason beyond the standard "here for the free shirt and beer" mentality.

Here is where we move you 1% outside of your comfort zone. 


How Does This Work?

 We take three separate elements of activity and endurance and put them together to blend team work and personal performance. The easiest is strength, endurance, and obstacle course racing. Much like a triathlon, we are determined to test multiple facets of your fitness levels by placing you under constant and varied stress. No two events are the same, with key elements being adjusted or changed to better reflect the crafty mentality of the various Directors. The constant is the innovation, quality, and event craftsmanship that you experience every time you toe our line. 


Do You Really KNOW Team Work?

Just because you had someone talk at you about teamwork doesn't mean you KNOW teamwork. Here is where you delve into our endurance element whose foundation is team based principles and activities. Where others give you theory, we put your theory to practice and give you the opportunity to move that critical 1% outside of your comfort zone. Some of the activities that you will encounter are three legged running, hiking, lunges, partner bear crawls, inverted crab walk, mobile Murph and other mobile workouts.

Yeah, we don't do trust falls. We do team lifts and cooperative games.


Our Vision is Clear

We saw how others operate. We are not "Others". 

We saw an opportunity to provide our vision of short duration endurance events without the limitations of other people defining us, and we struck out, prepared to present our clear vision of endurance innovation.

Most events last between 5-8 hours and that time flies by as you make new friends while you all push each other to be the very best you that you can be.